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Maduro: “In Venezuela you win in the streets, not in the networks”

The president instructed his team to win the communication battle during the election campaign.

The standard bearer of the Great Patriotic Pole, Nicolás Maduro Moros, commissioned his “Venezuela Nuestra” Campaign Command to win the communication battle by reaping the organizational balance of the communities after each mobilization carried out within the framework of the electoral campaign.

“We have to hold thousands of events with the people, we have to hold thousands of popular mobilizations to create the force that will be organized towards the 28J elections,” said the president while instructing mass messages in “streets, networks, means and walls” to record the activities of the revolutionary people.

“How are (the mobilizations) called? Through WhatsApp or radiobemba,” Maduro responded and in this sense he said that the biggest job is to call for these mobilizations, but then comes the work of communicating.

“And then the work begins. Photos, videos, here everyone knows how to make content, they play the music, the effects,” recommended the revolutionary candidate.

Thus, the head of state indicated that “the first thing to do is flood all the WhatsApp groups in the community,” so that there is a record of the activity carried out and in this way the complete objective is achieved.

“We are going to do it so that you can see how we win the communication battle in every street, every municipality, every state,” said Maduro and then concluded on the idea that with this procedure “we build a new system with its own weapons.”

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