Maduro: impunity is not negotiated in Mexico, there will be justice here

«Here there will not be impunity neither in Mexico nor on Mars, here there has to be justice, the damage they have done to the Venezuelan people with the theft of our assets is a lot, the damage they have done with the attempted coups is a lot of state, with the signing of documents for an invasion and to kill Venezuelans.

This was emphasized by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, during an interview with journalist Ernesto Villegas broadcast this Sunday, when he was questioned about the possibility of a negotiation that stipulates impunity for those who committed crimes from the extremist opposition.

The Head of State pointed out that the extremist opposition actors present in Mexico for the dialogue represent the Government of the United States “because they are dependent on the mandates of Washington.

«When we sit on that message we understand that we sit with the US because they are politicians dependent on US mandates, when we negotiate with them we are negotiating with the US, when we are talking with the Guaidosista opposition we are talking with the US because they are US politicians, "he said, and assured that" we have enough elements to say that this opposition is the politicians dependent on the US during these 21 years of revolution. "

He stressed that this extremist sector "does not have national objectives, that they do not have a national policy because they dance to the sound they play from Washington."

US plan was crushed

He stressed that among the first achievements as a result of this dialogue, is the memorandum signed by both actors where the extremist opposition recognizes the legitimacy of the Government he presides, which he considered dismantles the thesis of the duality of Governments in Venezuela.

In this sense, he stressed that the dual power plan that was intended to be installed from the White House in the Donald Trump administration "was crushed" and maintained that it was all a campaign that he described as "stupid."

"The reality is that in Venezuela there was no duality of power, here there was only one government, here there was never a duality of the reality of political power in Venezuela, what there was was a campaign that bordered on stupidity, where an idiot said president, "he said.

"The US looked for a very stupid guy to act as a puppet, and look for what they were looking for, which was the overthrow of the national government and the end of the Bolivarian Revolution," he added.

Relations with the US unchanged

When asked about the situation of relations between Venezuela and the United States, he asserted that they continue "practically the same" and revealed that the sanctions imposed against the country by the Trump administration "remain intact" in the Joe Biden government.

He added that despite this immobility of the White House blockade policy, the country continues to promote the recovery of the productive economy and the "reconstruction of the welfare state of the socialist missions."



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