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Maduro: Hitmen of Álvaro Uribe and Iván Duque were sent to kill me

He denounced that extremist sectors “want to harm Venezuelan democracy,” but he will not allow it.

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, denounced the existence of a plan to assassinate him that was planned by the former Colombian presidents Álvaro Uribe Vélez and Iván Duque, who would have sent hitmen to attack his life during the popular mobilizations that he is carrying out. on a national scale.

“They are hunting me and I am not a rabbit,” said the president while ensuring that “the people take care of me and I take care of myself too,” in reference to the security that the people and his own security ring provide him.

“North American imperialism, its criminal hitmen Iván Duque and Álvaro Uribe have put hitmen in Venezuela. I have Venezuelan and Colombian names and surnames; They have put hitmen inside Venezuela to try to do us some harm. We have captured some of them,” said President Maduro in his television program ´Con Maduro +´, later ensuring that he has evidence of his complaint.

The president criticized that internal political sectors, aligned with their partners abroad “want to harm Venezuelan democracy, but they have not been able to and will not be able to,” he emphasized.

The president has explained that he cannot call his campaign events in advance “for security reasons,” and gave the names of those who conspire against him and who have Venezuelan nationality: “Leopoldo López, Julio Borges, Ledezma, Machado,” he assured.

He thanked the people for their support at his campaign rallies, for taking care of him, and highlighted the “good work” of the security teams who “are doing it in a combined way: the perfect civic-military-police fusion so that everything goes well, in peace and with the blessings and protection of God.”

The head of state told the anecdote of his visit to the town of Isnotú, in the state of Trujillo, where he arrived amid the joy of the people who received him. “Suddenly I turned around because they were singing the national anthem and the fence that surrounded José Gregorio Hernández's house, people gathered to greet, there were people crying,” the president commented emotionally.

“I see faith in the people of Venezuela, optimism towards the future and the victory of July 28,” said the president in reference to the demonstrations of support he has received during his tour of different regions of the country.

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