Maduro decreed the restructuring of the Bolivarian National Police

President Nicolás Maduro ordered by decree a process of restructuring the Bolivarian National Police (PNB), as read in Official Gazette No. 42.105 of April 13.  

Among the considerations expressed by the Head of State in the aforementioned decree is that the Ministry of Interior and Justice must have administrative units and highly qualified personnel that respond to the strengthening and expansion of the PNB “re-driving its original doctrine of being an eminently police force. community, preventive, proximity, protection and authority ... in order to efficiently guarantee the integral security and peace of the Venezuelan people ”.  

The process ordered within the PNB will have a period of six months, counted from the publication of the decree in the Official Gazette and will be in charge of a Restructuring Commission, made up of a president, a general coordinator, two deputy coordinators, five principal directors, with their respective alternates and two spokespersons for organizations of the People's Power. 

 The Minister of Interior and Justice, Carmen Meléndez will preside over the Restructuring Commission while the general coordination will be exercised by José Gregorio Rojas, vice minister of the Integrated Police System.    

The Restructuring Commission may incorporate national or international institutions into the process, with powers linked to the performance of the police function and respect for human rights.  

The purpose of the PNB Restructuring Commission is to review, rectify, and reinvigorate the aforementioned security body, “helping in the profound transformation of its structures in order to contribute in the most effective and efficient way to achieving the goals of the State in the framework of the parameters of respect for Human Rights ”.  


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