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Maduro: “Come for a woman”

President Nicolás Maduro's invitation was addressed to Hayde Mejía, a resident of Ciudad Bolívar who went up to Tiuna to take a photo with the Head of State.

“Come pa'ca woman.” President Nicolás Maduro's invitation was addressed to Hayde Mejía, a resident of Colina Bolivariana, adjacent to Puente Sucre, sector 1 de Mayo, Ciudad Bolívar. Hayde got on the Tiuna where Maduro had been making the journey along the main street of the aforementioned sector, with the recently inaugurated Sucre Bridge. The street looked like a hammock and was full of people who wanted to take a photo with the president who waved his arms palla and pa'ca greeting the crowd that ran parallel to the rustic vehicle. 

“The disabled with you Maduro,” shouted a man in a wheelchair who was close to Tiuna. “Here is the youth, President,” a boy harangued as he ran. About two or three Venezuelan flags were given to the President for re-election to wave. “Long live the people,” Maduro said as if he were going to throw himself into the crowd that came from Sabanita and Vista Hermosa to see and hear the Head of State who had a megaphone. “Stop, stop, stop,” Maduro shouted at the driver when he saw a commotion at the foot of the car. From the swirl of people, Hayde Josefina Mejía emerged, whom Maduro grabbed by her hands and took her up to the Tiuna. 

After the eight blocks of the tour, Maduro continued to one of the warehouses of the Venezuelan Corporation of Guayana (CVG) where he entered with Vice President Delcy Rodríguez; the Minister of Industries, José Félix Rivas and Hayde Josefina. A few minutes into the event, Maduro told the experience of how he got Hayde on the Tiuna and called her to say hello. “When I saw him, I said that's my President,” commented the woman who said she belonged to the José Antonio Páez parish, Ciudad Bolívar. “That parish is moving forward,” Mejía commented when Maduro handed him the microphone. 

At the event, Maduro made a brief reference to his opponents in the upcoming electoral contest. “Where did those nine patarucos come from,” Maduro asked himself. “The only one I know is Conde del Guácharo…for being a screwer, not for líder”, he noted. But he finished off the point by asserting that these “patarucos” join candidates “to make money and then go to Miami like Juan Guaidó.” 

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