Maduro: Liberation of Coro was a collective awakening

In the image, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros. Photo: Presidential Press

"Much more than a purely military action, the liberation of Coro was a collective awakening, a civic-military conspiracy led by Josefa Camejo and followed by a wide group of personalities", as described by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, during his message to the Falconian people on the occasion of the commemorative acts of the Bicentennial of the Definitive Union of the Province of Coro to the Patriotic Cause.

"Today we celebrate 200 years of the liberation and incorporation of Coro to the Great Republic chaired by Simón Bolívar," he said.

The head of state honored the gallantry of the heroine Josefa Camejo, who "had a life and a performance in the struggle for independence as passionate as that of Manuela Sáenz."

Maduro recognized the heroism of Josefa Camejo in the liberation of Coro, which occurred on May 3, 1821, where he carried out logistical tasks within the column led by General Rafael Urdaneta in 1814 after the fall of the Second Republic. Later, "La Camejo" stood out for his impeccable performance in intelligence tasks in favor of the emancipation of Venezuela.

"Thanks to her persuasive skills, Josefa Camejo was the coordinator of the Corian insurgents with the command of the Liberation Army in a rigorously coordinated operation that would end with the expected tactical victory: the incorporation of the people of Coro into the Republic," he said.

In this sense, Maduro affirmed that his fearlessness “passionately vindicated the participation of women in the War of Independence”.

He stressed that the Bolivarian Revolution made visible the leading role of women in the independence struggle "which had been erased by national historiography."

“Not in vain did Commander Chávez order the symbolic transfer of the remains of Josefa Camejo to the National Pantheon; she did it to make visible the stellar role of women in Independence that had been erased by traditional historiography ”, he added.

The dignitary added that Falcón is a bastion of the Nation and a quarry of free men and women. “Unbeaten yesterday, invincible today! (…) Honor the patriotic women of yesterday and today, the indomitable spirit of Josefa Camejo and those who embodied their rebellion as Ali Primera! ”, He emphasized.

Likewise, Maduro stressed that May 3, 1821 is a key date on the emancipatory path. "Bolívar knew that the Great Nation that was being born would enlighten the entire continent with its moral virtues."

On the other hand, the national leader recalled the proclamation issued by the Liberator on April 25, 1821, "the liberation of Coro meant another step in the campaign designed by the genius of the Liberator, Simón Bolívar."

He stressed that Coro was the last province of Venezuela to free itself from the Spanish empire and the first to declare itself a state of that federation.



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