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Maduro: the victory of 28J has to be overwhelming and in peace

The Head of State reiterated that he is the only candidate who guarantees stability, peace, economic changes and social recovery

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, urged the people of the Lara state to deploy the 1×10 electoral machinery in all the streets of the entity.

Through a call to Central Coordinator of the Venezuela Nuestra Campaign Command, Delcy Rodríguez, present at an Organizational Meeting of structures of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), in the state of Lara, the president pointed out that it is necessary to “renew our entire discourse and our way of working” to optimize the electoral 1×10.

“We are going to deploy ourselves at work, by July 28, mobilize the people for a splendorous victory in Lara,” said the president, who commented that the 1×10 electoral must be articulated with great motivation towards the people.

The president considered that victory “depends on an electoral campaign with the truth in hand, with our 7T project, but above all on the great machinery of the 1×10 electoral.”

He recognized and called to work the 17.166 Street Leaders, 3501 Community Leaders and the 1130 UBCH of the entity, because - he stated - what is being defended is the independence of Venezuela, the right to national identity and cultural.

He recalled how, despite the sanctions and the great scam on the country by the extreme right, the economy has begun to recover, thanks to mechanisms designed by the Government to slow down inflation.

“Let everyone draw their own conclusions,” said the Head of State, assuring that times of growth, peace and stability are coming.

In addition to the vice president, the governor of Lara state, Adolfo Pereira, participated in the activity; the first vice president of the National Assembly (AN), deputy Pedro Infante; and the godfather of the entity, Ernesto Villegas.

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