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Maduro: I am a fine rooster in the middle of 9 patarucos

He announced that he will soon hold a 1x10 certification day "to guarantee a resounding victory on June 28"

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro announced that he will soon hold a 1×10 certification day as a method to guarantee a resounding victory in the presidential elections on July 28, he said when participating through a telephone contact he made in the middle of the massive march carried out by the people of the Marcano municipality, Nueva Esparta state, in support of the Bolivarian management and rejection of the blockade imposed by the United States (USA).

“How is that 1×10 going there in Juan Griego,” the president asked deputies Giusepe Alessandrello and Jorge Rodríguez, general coordinator of the “Venezuela Nuestra” campaign command, who led the day in the state of Nueva Esparta held this Thursday that was filled with revolutionaries on Marcano Street.

“As I have asked, we must add a new voter, and a neighbor who has voted for the opposition in the past and is disenchanted with those people because they have done a lot of damage to the town. The time of justice has arrived and the people will have charged them with their vote” for the sanctions they have requested against the people, stated the president and candidate for re-election, Nicolás Maduro.

“We left the worst behind. On July 28 we will mark the new time. I am the only presidential candidate among the 10 there are, I am the best rooster among the 9 patarucos, the only one who has experience, the support of the people, the FANB and a country program. We are the only ones who guarantee peace and stability and the independent future of the homeland,” he stated.

land of freedom

The president also highlighted the historical value of the independence struggle of the neo-Spartan people. “The freedom of South America began in Juan Griego, where with sticks and stones, kicks and screams, the women and men drove out the Spanish army and it was the first free territory in South America. You represent a very great story,” he said after congratulating the representative of the communities who intervened, who on behalf of the residents of Juan Griego, assured the president that he had the full support of the residents of his community.

“Only the revolution can guarantee the peace and stability of the country. “We are the only ones who guarantee peace, stability and the independent future of Venezuela,” he expressed. In this regard, he urged to unite everyone who can be united for the people's right to the future.

Boost for entrepreneurs

Maduro assured that during his government giant steps have been taken to recover tourism so that it leaves wealth for Margarita, to recover fishing and agriculture and the Special Economic Zones and placed special emphasis on the support he is giving to entrepreneurs.

“I am the president of the entrepreneurs, to recover education with the bricomiles, health. Soon I will give them a gift that they will be crazy about, soon I will give them the surprise, I will go there. I am the president of national identity, culture and beauty and he then reiterated his greeting to the Venezuelan dancing devils for Corpus Christi Day.

He warned attendees about the importance of staying in the streets and mobilizing “to prepare the force that will lead us to the greatest electoral victory on the next 28-J. “We have to unite the family, I am the number one defender of respect for the family, we must go together towards a great victory.”

“I launched the great mission of the grandfathers and grandmothers of the Homeland and now there will be a ministry to serve you in a special way, we are on the right path,” he commented.

“There is the OBE,” he said when greeting the youth, “raise the slogans of the country and shout to imperialism the slogan that you run through Venezuela and run around the world: listen to oligarchs, the united people will never be defeated,” he said.

Finally, he said: “I want to go to Margarita again soon, let's keep fighting and prepare for a great victory,” he said.

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