Parties validate first week of machine software audit

The political representatives who attend the audit of the voting machine software, in the pre-electoral phase of the regional and municipal elections on November 21, validated with their signature the revision of the set of modules, security codes, databases , applications and programs planned for the first week of this activity of the electoral schedule, as reported by the National Council in its account of the social network Twitter.

It refers to information from the official entity, that between Monday, August 30 and Friday, September 3, the computer components related to the installation and initialization of the machine were described and evaluated. Likewise, the performance of the “Voting experience” module was tested, which allowed to start the analysis of the machine's operability in the voter authentication phase and selection of the voting option.

The activity was defined by the continuous interaction between the experts in charge of conducting the audit and the political representatives who participate in person, to which were added the interventions and proposals of national observers and members of electoral bodies in Latin America and other regions, through the digital platform Zoom.

The audit of the voting machine software begins its second tranche on Monday, September 6. It is being broadcast daily, from 9 in the morning, by the CNETV streaming channel, which is accessed from the official website of the Electoral Power on the internet:



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