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Maduro: Today we celebrate 21 years of the great victory of the Revolution

In 2002 the oligarchy tried to impose a dictatorship in the country

"Today we are celebrating the 21st anniversary of the great victory of the Revolution, where the people in the streets by millions, in union with the military forces of the Homeland, came out to face the coup d'état that was intended to be carried out in Venezuela," he recalled. this Thursday the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.

From the outskirts of the Miraflores Palace accompanied by the red tide, the Head of State participated in the Great National March “April, of the Glorious Civic-Military Insurgency” and commemorated the 14th Anniversary of the Bolivarian National Militia.

During his speech, the national President recalled that the oligarchy at the service of its own petty interests began to conspire from day one with hate campaigns, internal destabilization campaigns, manipulation campaigns. “They sowed fear and violence,” he said.

He affirmed that on April 11 and 12 they consummated their coup d'état, they assaulted Miraflores, on the 12th they brought in a wimp from the sell-out oligarchy of Pedro Carmona and without keeping appearances they presented him.

"Carmona signed a decree dissolving all public powers, they who accuse us of being dictators as soon as they arrived at the Palace, the only action they signed was to dissolve the powers that the people elected with the vote," said the President.

Maduro stressed that it was the soldiers of the people, the Bolivarian soldiers, who planned the retaking of the Presidential Palace. "With that military action, the recovery of political power began, the rescue of Venezuelan democracy, the defeat of the attempted dictatorship and the rescue of our Commander Hugo Chávez alive."

In this sense, the Dignitary stressed that at that time the Venezuelan people wrote one of the most glorious pages in the entire history of more than 200 years of the Republic of Venezuela.

He recalled that the coup d'état of April 2002 It was prepared, planned, executed and financed by US imperialism, against what was just the beginning of a democratic, peaceful revolution of a Bolivarian character.

In this sense, he stressed that the Revolution was taking the first steps -in 2002- to vindicate national dignity, rescue independence and build a Homeland of justice, equality, shared happiness, "a Bolivarian Homeland, hand in hand with a líder unique and extraordinary like ours Commander Hugo Chávez".

Likewise, he assured that the constituent process that began in 1999, "opened the paths of a beautiful revolution, but the disastrous oligarchy did not rest for a second, at the service of its own interests it began to conspire from day one."

In this regard, he added that the US oligarchy promoted hate campaigns against Commander Chávez, in addition to promoting fear, lies and manipulation in the Venezuelan people, while urging them to "tell and multiply the truth, for the formation of the future generations".

In the same way, he recalled that the communities of Caracas “came down as a people united in a spiritual force. I have no doubt that April 13 was a day marked by the light of God.”

Finally, he insisted on recalling the history of the Venezuelan people "when in perfect civic-military union political power and democracy were recovered those days of April 2002."

presidential elections

In the activity for the commemoration of the 21st anniversary of "April, of the Glorious Civic-Military Insurgency" and the commemoration of the 14th Anniversary of the Bolivarian National Militia, President Maduro left open the possibility that the next presidential elections will be this 2023 .

“We don't know if they will be this year or next. Keep that secret for me, delete this from the recording," Maduro revealed in a complicit tone with those present who responded by chanting the slogan "Maduro, friend, the people are with you!"

On the other hand, the national President pointed out that the people must prepare to continue defeating everyone year after year and prepare for permanent victory. "Now they intend to wash their face (opposition) to participate in the next elections, we do not know if they will be this year or next."

Fight against corruption

During the activity, President Maduro called on the people of Venezuela to a new April 13 to confront corruption and to strengthen the revolutionary consciousness and the organization of Popular Power.

“I call the people to a new April 13 against corruption, mafias and small groups that betray the people. A moral, ethical, spiritual April 13 that is above difficulties and immoral betrayals. An April 13 of perfect union of the people to guide, with morals and lights, the paths of prosperity, well-being and happiness of this people, "added Maduro.

In this vein, Maduro demanded justice and a strong hand, whoever falls, against all the corruption mafias. "There will be no complicity. I swear to the people of Venezuela!"

"They have stabbed us with corruption and the mafias that have stolen the wealth of the people, stabbed in the back by traitors," he said.

He stressed that it has been worth all the effort, all the struggle, it is worth the work, perseverance, “today we have challenges to face the malign effects of the blockade and sanctions. We must continue producing and building a new economy, building Venezuelan independence”, he pointed out.


The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, celebrated April 13 as a day of popular victory in which the admirable and selfless work carried out by the Bolivarian Militia is recognized.

Through his social networks, the Head of State also confirmed that the Militia are “men and women who are the maximum expression of the civic-military union, of love and commitment to serve the Homeland. High morale!"

Likewise, Maduro greeted the component of the Bolivarian National Militia for commemorating his day this Thursday, also coinciding with the popular victory that took place on April 13, 2002 for the rescue of democracy.

“How proud to celebrate #13Apr, the day of popular victory that recognizes the admirable and selfless work carried out by the Bolivarian Militia. Men and women who are the maximum expression of the civic-military union, of love and commitment to serve the Homeland. Morale in High!”, published the head of state on Twitter.

On April 11, 2002, the Venezuelan right-wing launched a coup against Chávez, after a bloody media campaign aimed at tarnishing the figure of the líder Bolivarianism and its progressive ideals.

The leadership of the business union and the private media, in complicity with sectors of the opposition and the ecclesiastical hierarchy, conspired with elements of the Army to overthrow the president and place Pedro Carmona in the de facto presidency.

Hugo Chávez remained kidnapped by the conspired forces until his rescue on April 13 by soldiers loyal to the constitutional order, who together with the popular insurrection in the streets put an end to the coup.

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