Learn about the 7 points that will center the dialogue in Mexico

Signing of the first two agreements established in the Dialogue Table in Mexico

The Norwegian representative in Dag Nylander reported what will be the points that will govern the agenda of talks to be held in Mexico between representatives of the Venezuelan government and opposition extremism.

During the installation ceremony of this process carried out in Mexico City, the Norwegian delegate indicated that after months of approaches and contacts, it was possible to specify the agenda that will consist of seven points that are:

1. Political rights for all.
2. Electoral guarantees for all.
3. Election schedule for observable elections.
4. Lifting of sanctions and restoration of right to assets.
5. Respect for the constitutional state of law. Political and social coexistence. Renunciation of violence and reparation to the victims.
6. Protection of the national economy and protection measures for the Venezuelan people.
7. Guarantees of implementation, monitoring and verification of what has been agreed.

In this regard, the head of the Venezuelan Government delegation, Jorge Rodríguez stressed the will of the Venezuelan authorities to promote an agreement that benefits all the people.

Likewise, it was agreed that the delegations should be made up of 9 members each and said "that it will endeavor to include women in the delegations."



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