Jorge Rodríguez: we bring points that affect the daily life of the town

The Head of the Delegation of the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez Photos: Wilmer Errades

At the end of the first meeting with the opposition in Mexico, the head of the Venezuelan dialogue delegation, Jorge Rodríguez, highlighted before the media that the Venezuelan delegation will propose an economic agenda in which those points that have an impact have priority. direct in the daily life of the Venezuelan people.

He emphasized that they will demand the restitution of the economic guarantees that have been stolen from the Venezuelan people with the criminal blockade and its compliance.

“We come here to seek mechanisms so that the Venezuelan people benefit from this effort of dialogue. It is hard work and we are all at the disposal of this work to mark positions for the good of the country. We come to look for mechanisms so that all the people of Venezuela are benefited, for those we bring points that directly affect the daily life of Venezuelans. Issues that have to do with the economy, with the social care of the population, with the care of the pandemic are fundamental points that we bring and I believe that this hard work will bear fruit, "he said.

The statement was made upon leaving the first meeting with the opposition delegation, held in the afternoon at the Sofitel Hotel, located on Reforma Avenue, in Mexico City. The meeting between the two delegations began at 4:00 in the afternoon and ended after 7:00 at night, Mexico time, refers a press release.

Earlier, through a post on his Twitter account, Deputy Francisco Torrealba reported on a meeting held between the Head of the Venezuelan Government Delegation, Jorge Rodríguez with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Mexico, Victor Koronelli, to whom The methodology of the Dialogue Table was explained to him, taking into account that this nation is a companion country.

This Saturday both delegations will meet again to continue the day of dialogue with the method established by the government of Norway, a mediating country in this negotiation process.



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