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Jorge Rodríguez: “There is strong censorship against the Chavismo candidate”

The head of the “Venezuela Nuestra” Campaign Command promised to “defeat the lie” and guarantee every vote.

“There is strong censorship against the Chavismo candidate to impose fraudulent elements against the Bolivarian revolution,” said the head of the “Venezuela Nuestra” Campaign Command, Jorge Rodríguez, in the midst of a complaint about the blockade that exists on networks social networks for President Nicolás Maduro to advertise.

Rodríguez reflected that this type of blockade occurs to hide the truth about Venezuela and to impose fictitious realities on our country. “It is not the first time this has happened,” said the politician when remembering the imposition of the failed interim president Juan Guaidó.

"In 2019 they elected a functionally illiterate person, a psychopath like Juan Guaidó, to undertake the most brutal theft of Venezuela's assets, to impose the sanctions that they requested, so that we would not have access to the resources that created the welfare state that they (Hugo) Chávez left us,” said Rodríguez, recalling that this imposition was made through social networks.

He reflected on the reasons that imperialism may have in the development of our internal politics. “Do you want well-being, progress, a future for Venezuela? “Wasn't that the same thing that happened in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq or Syria,” she commented.

In this sense, Rodríguez said that “now they are looking for a poster, an invention, a lie,” in reference to the candidate Edmundo González Urrutia, who in the politician's opinion is the candidate who now represents the interests of the United States.

“What the US wants is to get in here to rob us, as they have already done,” he said, denouncing the presence of candidates who are puppets of Washington's interests.

“That is why the response that the people must give on June 28 must be forceful, because here is a man who defeated the empire, who defeated insecurity, who recovered the economy. That man is Nicolás Maduro and he is our candidate, a man of the people,” he said.

He said that Maduro "has already shown that he is not going to allow them to mess with this people" and that in the upcoming elections there will be "the moment in which the people must decide, remain free or be robbed and humiliated."

Finally, he offered that during the electoral contest, the “Venezuela Nuestra” Campaign Command will defeat the lie and guarantee each vote.

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