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Jorge Rodríguez: it is materially impossible for the right to win on June 28

In a mobilization in the state of Bolívar, the General Coordinator of the Venezuela Nuestra Campaign Command highlighted that the opposition does not deserve that the people vote for them

The presidential elections on July 28 are materially impossible for the Venezuelan right to win, said the general coordinator of the “Venezuela Nuestra” campaign command, Jorge Rodríguez.

During a march in support of President Nicolás Maduro and in rejection of the sanctions imposed by imperialism on our country from the Angostura municipality of Bolívar state, he highlighted that the right does not deserve that the people vote for them since they have dedicated themselves to asking that foreign powers act against our country and these people.

“Those (the opposition) who stole the gold from us that was in England, who stole Monómeros from us, who became multimillionaires by stealing what belongs to the people of Venezuela. Those same people who sent letters to Netanyahu asking him to come and do to this country what they do to the people of Gaza, those now want to come and ask the people for their vote, as if the people do not remember the damage they did to them. . Therefore, we are going to collect that account on July 28,” he highlighted.

In this sense, he highlighted that while the Revolution is a guarantee of future and progress, the right represents the past and is led by "vulgar thieves."

“While they have asked for sanctions, President Maduro has always been at the forefront, in the streets defending his people. “That man has never fallen into the temptations that others have fallen into,” he highlighted.

Likewise, he stressed that the opposition lacks words and love for the country, so the people must give it an “electoral revolt” in the upcoming elections.

“It is impossible for these thieves to win the elections on July 28, on the contrary we are going to upset them. We are going to make them bite the dust of defeat and feel defeated for 20 more years,” he stressed.

Greeting from the president

The head of the campaign command received a call from President Nicolás Maduro, who welcomed the concentration of the people of Bolívar against unilateral coercive measures and in support of the Bolivarian Revolution

“What an immense mobilization of the people. Today we went back to the last names. I see live and direct, I want to go to Bolívar to a march where the Angostura Congress was.”

“We are heading towards victory on July 28, long live the civil-military union, long live the people of the liberators,” said Maduro.

overwhelming victory

For her part, the general coordinator of International Relations of the Venezuela Nuestra Campaign Command, Delcy Rodríguez, said she was happy to visit Bolívar again, where she was recently to check the 1×10 machinery.

“This machinery has served to crush the imperial enemy when they have dared to mess with the people of Venezuela,” he indicated.

He reiterated that the 1×10 machinery must be optimized day by day until July 28 “to guarantee the overwhelming victory that we will give to these criminals.”

He stressed that President Nicolás Maduro "is the only one capable of carrying out the great changes that the country needs to consolidate us as a victorious nation."

Likewise, he highlighted the achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution in the midst of the aggressions promoted by North American imperialism and its allies against the People and the national economy.

For this reason, he urged Venezuelans to come out en masse on July 28, the day of the presidential elections, to defend peace and to guarantee economic growth.

In this sense, he said that the blocked Venezuela, economically and commercially attacked, is líder in the region in economic growth, “imagine what is coming to us. This year it stands out,” he said.

Bolivarians defend hope in the streets

In the historic capital of the country, a swollen river of people gathered in the historic center of Ciudad Bolívar to raise their voices in defense of the Bolivarian revolution and ratify their support for President Nicolás Maduro.

With the Río Padre as a witness, thousands of Bolivarians, through long trips in curiaras and motorcycles, joined the place with a clear and precise slogan where they shouted: “Bolívar is in the street supporting Nicolás.” The people of Bolívar also pointed out that in Venezuela there is no room to repeat scenarios of violence, so the people will be defending democracy.

The stone streets of the Angostura Congress House, which staged the cry of sovereignty, freedom and independence in the time of El Libertador, once again replicated the fact of a conscious people that will not give in to sanctions.

The people loyal to their principles accompanied the general coordinator of International Relations of the Venezuela Nuestra Campaign Command, Delcy Rodríguez, in their mobilization; general coordinator of the “Venezuela Nuestra” campaign command, Jorge Rodríguez; Governor Ángel Marcano; the Psuv liaison, Alexis Rodríguez Cabello and Mayor Sergio Hernández, who highlighted the Bolivarian and socialist principles of the group.

For the PSUV liaison in the state, Alexis Rodríguez Cabello, the massive popular mobilization ratifies the consolidation of a political process that is committed to the development of all its bases through socialism.

Rodríguez Cabello, while marching, highlighted the desire of “an entire majority that not only defends its achievements, but is also aware that the Bolivarian revolution is the only way to sustained growth for the country.”

In that sense, he rejected the way in which the opposition leadership maintains a double discourse and continues to call for sanctions "and they do not care about the good of the people, only taking possession of the assets and negotiating it with interests in Washington."

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