Jorge Rodríguez a Story: We are going to defeat them on all terrains

President of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez / Photo: Wilmer Errades

The president of the National Assembly (AN), deputy Jorge Rodríguez, responded this Thursday to the US official James Story that "while more sanctions threaten Venezuela, our response will be the same: We are going to defeat them over and over again in all areas." .

Rodríguez came forward through a series of messages on his Twitter account @jorgerpsuv, after the supposed "Venezuelan ambassador" pointed out during a press conference that "We are working on new sanctions with Canada and the EU if not there are results in the negotiation ».

In this sense, the highest representative of the AN stressed that the dialogue process that is taking place between the national government and the opposition will continue regardless of foreign opinions because "this dialogue is between Venezuelans and Venezuelans."

«In 5th place, grab your lapdogs Duque, Uribe, etc., and have a cup of valerian: we do not care about your opinion of foreigners because this dialogue is between Venezuelans and Venezuelans (although behind the scenes of the PU (old MUD) who is, that is, your bosses) », Rodríguez wrote on the social network.

Similarly, the president of the Venezuelan Parliament affirmed that Venezuela will not respond to their pressures. «First of all, Mr Jimmy, calm down. I notice him confused. Second, it is blatantly stupid to think even remotely that at this point we will attend to their pressure and frothing. "

In another trill, Rodríguez reminded Story that on November 21 the regional and municipal elections will be held in the country. "Fourth: there are free elections in Venezuela: this next 21 N. If not, ask your friends from the PU (former MUD): 65 thousand candidates registered (all oppositions)."



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