In Zulia, candidates from the Psuv travel through the 21 municipalities

The candidate of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Luis Caldera, toured different parishes in the Maracaibo municipality, as part of the campaign for the PSUV primary elections for August 8.

Caldera highlighted that “the President has summoned us to elect the country's candidates from the grassroots. And Luis Caldera comes from Mara to opt for the Government, I humbly put my name before you to make a beautiful, productive Zulia, the Zulia of dignity, of the motorized, of the fishermen, of the workers, of the men and women of well. We must, together, return to Chávez's legacy, with participation ”.

Caldera explained his proposal to strengthen the productive system and in that sense said that the Sierra de Perijá can produce the food that Zulia needs, "the Sierra and Machiques have the immense potential to produce everything that is consumed, but for this we need leverage the seed plan, technical advice, support, machinery, security, so that we can get the harvest ”.

He stated that together they can recover the Multihomes of the Sierra, "we are going to return the milk to our children in Machiques, we are going to work on the productivity of Lácteos Los Andes to generate employment, development", and promised to resume the old project of the Yukpa roaster, from many years ago, for the production of authentic coffee from the Sierra de Perijá.

Caldera made a call to vote on August 8 to consolidate the party and participatory and protagonist democracy, inclusion, "to consolidate the indigenous movement, for the defense of the homeland, for the sons, the daughters."

Prieto: "On August 8, the unit that will lead the victory of Psuv on November 21 will win." 

The Territorial Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela in the region and candidate for the Governor of the state of Zulia, Omar Prieto Fernández continues his tour of the 21 municipalities of the entity as part of the political campaign for the Open Primary Elections of the Psuv on 8 August. 

Prieto held a meeting with the bases and structures of the Chávez Party in the Baralt municipality, where he affirmed that the primaries will be the prelude to a resounding victory in the regional elections on November 21. 

He reiterated that the PSUV militancy will participate massively in the Open Primary Elections, consolidating the monolithic unity of the PSUV despite the existence of different postulates for popularly elected positions in Zulia state.

“On August 8, the unity of the glorious United Socialist Party of Venezuela wins, the people will make the decision to elect our standard bearers, but our battle is on November 21, here we are between brothers and sisters, they have been 4 years resisting and overcoming attacks on public services ”, he sentenced.

In turn, the candidate for the Governor of Zulia, Lisandro Cabello, highlighted the importance of unity, setting an example of those who make up Chávez's party. "Here the enemy is the right wing and in the next elections we have to vote for the continued leadership of Omar Prieto and socialism in the Baralt municipality," he said. 



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