In Táchira the electoral process proceeds smoothly

The electoral party of the Primary Open Elections of the Psuv in the 249 Nuclear Centers in Táchira is taking place with total normality and without incidents of any kind, as reported by the pre-candidate for Governor Freddy Bernal.

“We are at this beautiful electoral party called by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela from 6:00 am. The fluency has been perfect, voting lasts 1 minute and if at this time someone does not know where to vote, send a text message to 2406 and there they will tell you which center to attend ”, he said.

Bernal asserted that he came to exercise his right to vote, “to do what I have done for more than 25 years, to vote for peace, for sovereignty, for the love of Táchira, the people are deployed, the CNE is fulfilling its task of technical support to the internal elections, also the Plan República ».

«El Táchira is an example of civility towards the rest of the country, from 6:00 am and before opening the nucleated centers there were already people in the queue. "I am proud to have been born in these lands, the quiet people waiting to enter to vote and the Bolivarian Militia applying the Biosafety controls," he said.

"The people are looking to the future, they are in the street, there is hope, the people are looking to November 21, that without a doubt hope will be reborn for all the people of Táchira," said Bernal.

He also stated that this process represents for Venezuela and the world the demonstration of a truly democratic country. "It is the 26th election of the formal elections and the 14th internal, which adds up to 30 elections, in perfect harmony and peace, we are setting an example of democracy, inclusion, participation and non-exclusion."



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