64% meet the electoral schedule about to close applications

The highest representative of the CNE, Pedro Calzadilla said that the electoral schedule has been met by 64%, about to complete the nomination process, which will close this Saturday after the extension adopted by the Electoral Power has been fulfilled and we have entered the last third of established guidelines.

He then asserted that so far 7 national logistics committees and 5 regional committees have been held in a timely manner, ahead of the elections on November 21. "In addition, the preliminary registration that will serve for the indigenous elections, scheduled for November 26, was approved."

He recalled that the audit system is already being deployed and the software audit of our automated voting system is being carried out, currently under development and “a few weeks ago we closed the comprehensive audit of the automated voting system with great success and with extraordinary results That was done by a group of academics who in 45 days diagnosed ... they scrutinized in a timely and detailed manner the operation of all the components and all the stages of the automated system.

«We carried out and closed for just two weeks the audit of the entire Electoral Registry, which was approved, which was previously and subsequently audited, the result being impeccable with the solvency it requires and complying with the requirements that the implementation requires and the international standards that it requires a choice »- said Calzadilla.



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