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Héctor Rodríguez: We are risking the sovereignty of the country

Rodríguez highlighted that President Nicolás Maduro is the only one who has the loyalty, courage, leadership and strength necessary to take the country forward.

This Tuesday, during the organizational meeting of the 1×10 electoral machinery in the Sucre municipality, Miranda state, Héctor Rodríguez, Sectoral Vice President for Alliances and Great Patriotic Pole of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), warned that in these presidential elections the country's sovereignty is being put at stake.

“We are risking the sovereignty of the country,” he stated while pointing out that the nine opposition candidates would have to bow their heads to imperialism because they do not have the strength or courage to confront it.

“The only one who has that strength and has demonstrated it in the hardest times is called Nicolás Maduro Moros,” he said, and warned that the protection of the most humble is also at stake.

In this sense, he stated that those who have the majority, leadership and ability to defend the most humble are the Chavistas.

The governor of the state, Miranda, also highlighted the presence in the activity carried out in the Sucre municipality of the PSUV base teams, who have had to overcome the toughest storms alongside President Nicolás Maduro.

“Miranda is the epicenter of the national political conflict and even though the storms were complex, today the country is at peace,” he stated while highlighting that this became a reality due to the strength and loyalty of the líderHe is a grassroots person along with the head of state.

In Miranda, Chavismo is united

In his words, Héctor Rodríguez highlighted that we are just a few days away from a battle in which peace is once again at stake, and recalled that the Mirandinos experienced firsthand how the right governs.

“We had ten years of hatred, apathy, abandonment, contempt. They turned Miranda into the epicenter of violence”, in this sense, he warned that if the right came to govern, guarimba, violence and hatred would prevail.

In contrast, he highlighted that President Maduro has the loyalty, courage, leadership and strength necessary to take the country forward.

“We are also going to fight that battle to build the great transformations, the great changes that Venezuela needs today and the only one who has the strength and leadership to carry out these changes in peace is called Nicolás Maduro,” he stated.

In this sense, he highlighted the need to maintain unity in each of the almost 4 thousand Mirandina communities before the militancy.

“In Miranda, Chavismo is united,” said Rodríguez while calling on everyone who can be joined to build peace.

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