Héctor Rodríguez: these mega-elections impose peace and dialogue for democracy to triumph

In the picture, Héctor Rodríguez is a candidate for reelection for the Governor of the Miranda state together with the journalist and Minister of Culture, Ernesto Villegas. Photo: Government of Miranda

These mega-elections impose Peace and dialogue so that democracy triumphs, as stated by the governor of Miranda state, Héctor Rodríguez in the program “Here with Ernesto Villegas”, hosted by the Minister of Popular Power for Culture, which is broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión .

Before beginning to discuss the various issues that occupied the interview with Minister Villegas, the governor expressed the following: “First of all I want to say that Miranda is a complex state that deserves a lot of attention. This entity does not admit oversights. It is very dynamic. It has three million inhabitants. It is an almost mandatory territory for the passage to the east of the country and vice versa, for travelers who move from the east to the west. Do not be careless, "he said.

Electoral issue and Peace

Héctor Rodríguez, considers that “With regard to the electoral issue, many things are at stake. We are closing a process. Four years ago, when I was a candidate for the first time, Miranda was the epicenter of a strategy of hatred, of concentration, of violence to lead us to a civil war, an arena of confrontations, a coliseum where the permanent sacrifice of the people was wanted. But they did not succeed ”, reported the state channel.

And he continued recounting his experience in Mirandina politics and his strategy for conciliation and clarified that “Now, in these four years of government we have maintained a pulse between the path of war, violence and the path of Peace and dialogue. These elections impose Peace and dialogue. In other words, the strategy of military insubordination, the parallel state, or foreign interventionism is being defeated and defeated: that is what is at stake in these elections, for this reason we must go to vote for democracy to triumph. "

The crime problem

For the governor, in these four years it has been good for La Paz, stating that they have already had four years without guarimbas. He stressed that when he became governor, in addition to political violence, there was criminal violence. He admitted that it was the State with a statistic of 70 homicides and 15 kidnappings a week, claiming that they were figures that can only be seen in countries with war or extremely violent.

“We have lowered these levels by 90%, in a period that coincided with the policies of Trump, Guaidó, the sanctions, the blockade, and with our policy we managed to lower the crime levels, which means that we did well with our policy of dialogue and respectful approach to those sectors outside the law, "he stressed.

Regarding this issue, he admitted that “Anyway, we need Peace to be able to rebuild the country and achieve the prosperity that we had with Commander Chávez, which we have and will continue with our President Nicolás Maduro and, which at one point was lost, with all this dynamics of violence, racism and sanctions that the national and international right wanted to impose on us in our country ”.

Forced migration

In relation to the issue of migration, it is a real phenomenon that is the product of a specific economic situation, which was generated by the blockade and sanctions. They said that half of the population was fleeing as a result of the dictatorship, etc., what actually happened was a misleading offer that is ratified in the number of compatriots, by thousands, who are returning to the homeland to begin to build a new future believing in his country, Rodríguez emphasized.

We improve Security levels

Regarding security, Governor Rodríguez found, when he came to governor, that Miranda only had six operational police patrols and a total of 900 personnel to serve 30 streets and thousands of communities. “We exceed these figures, since we now have 400 patrols and more than 3 police officers. We have all the helicopters, boats (more than 20 operational), that is to say now if there is a security policy ”.

And he argued that all of this was achieved thanks to the articulation between the National Government and the municipal governments, and it is very important to say that thanks to the accurate policy on education and citizen management that we carry out.

Economic vanguard

Miranda has 25% of the industrial estates in Venezuela. Most of the Small and Medium Industry is in Miranda. The plastic, textile, printing and pharmaceutical industries, among others, are located in that region of our country.

The pandemic acted negatively in these sectors of the economy that not only affected Chavismo, as many said, but also those industrialists who needed imported raw materials, or those who had to renew permits to renew their technologies were also affected.

For Rodríguez "All this forced them to move their suppliers, to look towards the country, and to make alliances with the import substitution policies carried out by the National Government, in addition to working together to activate production in the entity" .

Regarding the issue of entrepreneurs, he explained that they are making a policy called the Four Fs: Training, Financing, Formalization and Fairs, and that all this support has allowed them to create 5 companies that will allow production and production to continue to grow. economy in Miranda.

In relation to workers, the Workers' Productive Councils (CPT) have been fundamental for the economic reactivation in the Mirandina state.

Public services theme

One of the main problems that Miranda has and that the governor admitted is the water supply. "We have communities that last up to three months without water service, and without a doubt in this new period this will be the priority," he announced.

“We have met with the Technical Water Tables, with the Scientific Council to listen to the specialists and finally with the authorities, and we have built a working paper for water in Miranda. Our goal is that there is water every day in each Miranda home, "he said.

Internal situation of the PSUV 

For Héctor Rodríguez, Chavismo was very good after all the processes that were carried out to arrive structured as a solid political force and organized with a view to 21N. He considered that the party's decision to go to internal elections was the right one, because that allowed the renewal of leadership. "A new generation that has to assume a new stage, a new country situation," he said.

Finally, Héctor Rodríguez concluded that, particularly in Miranda, the 21 mayors were chosen, the pertinent negotiations were carried out with the Polo Patriótico and everything is going well and without fractures. 



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