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HomePoliticsHead of State delivered Milestone 4.300.000 of the GMVV

Head of State delivered Milestone 4.300.000 of the GMVV

In Lara, the GMVV has delivered more than 71 homes between 660 and 2011

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, delivered this Monday the milestone of 4.300.000 homes through the Great Venezuela Housing Mission (GMVV).

The delivery ceremony was held in the state of Lara, from where the president expressed, “We did it! 4 million 300 thousand homes. We are going the way of Chávez, building well-being for the Venezuelan people”. he said he.

This urbanization has a Comprehensive Diagnostic Center (CDI), a pharmacy, a Simoncito "Fruto Vivas" Bolivarian Initial Education Center, a sports field, a peace quadrant to guarantee the security of the sector and a land transport route, which will allow the access of its inhabitants.

In the state of Lara, the GMVV has delivered more than 71 homes between 660 and 2011. So far this year it has awarded 2021 in that state, where 482 homes are under construction.

The goal set for the construction of this year 2022, is located at 500 thousand homes.

“The figure that we are achieving is enormous, so much so that the international media are going to publish it. You have to see the path traveled and the path to be followed. We have done it with criminal sanctions,” he said, noting that such an achievement was worthy of a world record.

He added: “the homes we have delivered is the equivalent of going around the globe 26 times. Without the working class, this would have been impossible. To build 4.300 homes, 34 tons of cement were used,” he said while confirming that by 888, 113 million homes or more will be built.

Maduro Rodríguez family received their house in Coro

In a pass to the Falcón state, the governor of that entity, Víctor Clarck, delivered 40 two-family homes in the Miranda de Coro municipality, in the Las Eugenias urban development.
Clark explained that this time they are delivering the homes of the eighth stage of urban planning, which in its entirety includes 200 houses.

The governor of Falcón handed over the keys to the Maduro Rodríguez family.

Mrs. Eliana de Maduro expressed her excitement and joy at receiving her new home.

He thanked God and the government of President Nicolás Maduro for fulfilling the legacy of President Chávez and making possible the dream of many families of having their own roof.

He called on all those families who hope to have a home, not to give up, because "I am the living example that hope should not be lost."

64 decent homes for Anzoátegui

This Monday, within the framework of the delivery of the 4 million 300 thousand milestone of the Great Housing Mission Venezuela (GMVV), families of the Ciudadela Batalla de Carabobo Urbanism in Barcelona, ​​Anzoátegui state, received 64 decent homes by the entity's governor, Luis José Marcano.

In this regard, the regional authority accompanied by the mayoress of the town, Sugey herrera, explained that thanks to the efforts of the national government to guarantee good living for the people, it is possible to achieve achievements in housing issues.

Marcano stated that the houses were made by the hands of popular power belonging to the same urbanism.

“64 decent, beautiful homes, made with the hands of our people and it is the most important thing that we want to communicate to the country. This urbanism was built with the hands of women and men who are now going to live in this space”.

For her part, Melania Marval líder of the Ciudadela Batalla de Carabobo urbanism, thanked the support of President Nicolás Maduro and the national government for trusting in the hand of organized popular power.

"There are 64 houses that each one of its beneficiaries built, we did not have companies, it was popular power, urbanism, it was an achievement dreamed of for 17 years that few saw possible."

Finally, the governor of the entity also delivered the first toy of the more than 400.00 assigned to each boy and girl in the state of Anzoátegui.

Projects for 2023

The head of state announced that by 2023 he approved 2 million 660 thousand euros to rebuild the Tejerías and provide housing for 177 families.

"We will also promote the Safe Rental Program and Credi Techo, which are being created for 2023, complementary to the Great Housing Mission Venezuela," he said.

These two complementary GMVV programs will be launched next year in order to guarantee access to housing for Venezuelans.

In the activity, President Maduro also reported that 600 families that were affected by heavy rains during 2022 will receive the new year in their decent homes. He also announced that 1.600 families that are still in shelters, as a result of damages from previous years, will have decent housing in the first quarter of 2023.

He remembered Maradona

Maduro congratulated the Emir of Qatar for the extraordinary organization of the 2022 Soccer World Cup.

“Despite the fact that they tried to sabotage it and prevent it, it was a level event, the best in the world. Qatar comes out shining and victorious,” she said.

In the same way he remembered Diego Armando Maradona. “Our dear friend who brought food, medicine and investors to Venezuela to face the blockade imposed by the US must have been happy yesterday,” he said.

He assured that Maradona brought help when we were in the middle of the blockade. "I'm sure he was in Argentina's victory," he said.


  1. Good afternoon, Mr. President, I am from the Portuguese San Rafael do Onoto, I need help from you. The house is falling down when it rains, it rains more inside than outside, please help me with the materials to arrange my house.

  2. Lies. That would mean that 1000 houses have been built per day since the housing mission began in 2011. Has anyone seen such a movement of resources in personnel and machinery to build 1000 houses per day for 12 years?

  3. Excellent news despite the coercive measures imposed by the imperialist government of the United States, the revolutionary government will make a great effort to settle the housing debt to dignify our people

  4. President Nicolás Maduro Moros, God bless you, please award me an apartment in Fuerte Tiuna, Caracas, one of the ones that are being built, I have fought in favor of the revolutionary process, I am a teacher, a lawyer and for more than 20 years I have requested decent housing I will pay it in easy installments. I have sent more than 100 requests to your office in Miraflores, with his brothers-in-law, with Cilia Flores, without getting any answers. Help me President. Thank you. [email protected] cell phone 0414 two thirty 99 28.

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