Head of State assures that Alex Saab has the full support of Venezuela

This Sunday, President Nicolás Maduro asserted that Alex Saab has the support of the entire Venezuelan people and all the social movements of the world, who believe and defend the truth as the maximum response to the systematic violations that US imperialism has used against him. Venezuelan diplomat.

"Here is a people that supports you, a revolution that supports you, a truth that will prevail and prevail," he said.

«Yes, the narco-oligarchy of Iván Duque, if Juan Guaidó and the imperialists of the United States involved in this kidnapping believe that the Venezuelan people are going to be afraid and they believe that we are going to surrender or surrender, they are very wrong. Now we have more strength than ever to fight for the revolution against imperialism, for justice and truth, "said the Head of State.

He highlighted the importance of uniting and spreading the persecution and aggression against this tortured diplomat deprived of all his human rights. "With the word of God and the word of the peoples, we must raise a powerful solidarity movement for truth, justice and freedom of Alex Saab in Venezuela and throughout the world," he said.

He explained that the US Government knew that with the Saab kidnapping “it was stabbing the dialogue table. They don't want dialogue. But, empire or no empire, Venezuela will continue to move forward ”. 

Maduro detailed the torture to which the Venezuelan representative was subjected to physically and morally break him, and after being besieged under house arrest with more than 100 armed soldiers, he was kidnapped "with blows."

“They took him yesterday, they went over everything. They beat him out and took him away without notifying the lawyers, relatives, and anyone else. A kidnapping in all the line ”, highlighted.

In addition, he denounced that his daughters and wife were not allowed to visit him. They were declared by people non grata, and now they have him kidnapped in the state of Florida.

He recalled that Saab was key to saving the lives of millions of Venezuelans, thanks to the food and medicine it exported during the hardening of the economic blockade. "At the time that the persecution against Venezuela intensified brutally, this special envoy brought food," he explained.



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