AN received proposals for laws that promote Family Protection

The Permanent Commission of Families, Freedom of Religion and Cults received the Minister of Popular Power for Women and Gender Equality, Carolys Pérez, who delivered proposals collected by her office for the laws that promote the protection of families, women and breastfeeding.

Through a press release issued by the National Assembly, the president of the commission, deputy Asia Villegas, welcomed the proposals to be incorporated into the laws, where express recognition is made of the social public policies of protection not only to families, but to motherhood and fatherhood, taking into account the threat of unilateral coercive measures imposed by the United States.

In this sense, MP Villegas pointed out that the economic blockade and imperial attacks have undermined families. "There are more than 300 unilateral, cruel coercive measures against our people and more against families," she said.

She also recalled that "there is a set of interdependent laws with a comprehensive perspective that will be discussed with the Ministry of Women and with all the organizations that make life in the social and socialism in the territorial."

For her part, Minister Carolys Pérez indicated that the proposals that were delivered to the commission were collected in more than two thousand meeting points throughout the country, where not only families have expressed themselves, but also those who make them up and they assume it as an active role in the transformation of their reality.

She added that the proposals were generated by the families nucleated in the bases of socialist missions that allowed them to meet throughout the process carried out by the National Assembly. "We hope that all the proposals collected can be integrated into the projects," she said.  

She specified that these are the first contributions to be evaluated based on their relevance, both with the Constitution and the other laws contained in the Venezuelan legal system. Finally, the Minister for Women asked to extend the time for public consultation of these instruments in response to the different contributions of the different organizations that have been joining this activity of popular participation.



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