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Cabello: they used Sunacrip to embezzle the nation

PSUV will deploy throughout the country in search of proposals in the fight against corruption Cabello told the corrupt: Get into where they get, we're going for them.

The first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, assured that the structure of the National Superintendence of Cryptoactives (Sunacrip) "was being used to embezzle the nation."

This assertion was made during the weekly press conference of the red awning, where he insisted that this event constitutes an act of treason against the Homeland.

He assured that the country will continue to use crypto assets "as far as possible", but emphasizing that "they will not allow the control site for crypto assets to become a site of corruption."

He dismissed as a lack of ethics and morality the conduct of all those involved in the plot called PDVSA-Criptos by the Attorney General.

"The situation in which Venezuela is in persecution, blockade, sanctions, should force all those who are in public service functions to have a clear ethical and moral condition that keeps them away from any act of corruption," he emphasized. "Whoever occurs in these acts must be punished by law, but he is a traitor to the country"

He assured that the National Government will continue the investigations and actions to apprehend anyone who is involved in acts of corruption. "It's the right way," he said.

PSUV and people to the streets against corruption

Cabello reported that the entire political organization will be deployed throughout all the communities of the country to gather proposals from the people in the fight “against corruption and the deviations that the Bolivarian Government is advancing.

He reported that the party accepted the call made by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro in the fight against corruption and joins “totally and absolutely to reject any act of deviation, bureaucracy or negligence that threatens the Venezuelan homeland.

Cabello reported that during the meeting of the party leadership, the party's role in this regard was analyzed and some actions were proposed, such as seeking recommendations in this regard from popular power.

“In the next few days we are going to go to all the communities, streets and neighborhoods to listen to our people. The people are wise, they are going to transmit to us what the final orientation is with their recommendations to incorporate them as lines of action. We are going to fight with morality and ethics,” Cabello asserted during a press conference broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión.

He informed that the Bolivarian Government will auction off the assets seized in the fight against corruption, they note that these investigations are in full swing. "A way to compensate our people after these criminal activities will be sought, both by officials from the public sector and from the private sector."

“I am sure that these assets will be auctioned and that what has to be paid will be paid. The State, in a responsible manner, will do everything to compensate the people for the damages suffered, ”he said.

Cabello insisted that corruption is a counterrevolutionary operation, he said, quoting a few words from Commander Chávez. "It is essential that a true revolution have among its lines of action the fight against corruption, which is part of the predatory capitalist model," he said, recalling that the Liberator Simón Bolívar issued the Decree of War to the Death against traitors.

“Our people demand that this battle be fought, and we are going to give it. The corrupt, wherever they go, we are going to look for them, we are going for them, ”he stressed, while acknowledging the participation and support of the People's Power during the mobilization against corruption held last Saturday.

Alessandrello link of Nueva Sparta. 

Cabello also announced the incorporation of the deputy Giuseppe Alessandrello as the new liaison of the party of the red tent in the state of Nueva Esparta. 

Diosdado Cabello also congratulated the Cuban people for going to the polls to renew the National Assembly of People's Power.

Congratulations to Cuba on your elections

“In Cuba, elections were held in peace, in tranquility, organized by the Cuban people themselves,” Cabello said, every time he sent his congratulations and recognition to the civility that was seen there during the parliamentary elections.


  1. To fight against corruption they have to supervise from the Communal Councils, mayors, governors, ministries, judiciary, etc. Many will fall, many are honest but it must be done.

  2. The full weight of the law... these stateless people have no right to mock hope the people are watching and well done... justice justice justice

  3. This gentleman, instead of going to the head of the lack of investigation, for which this embezzlement was committed, the General Controller of the Republic, Elvis Amoroso, leaves with inventions that do not solve anything. This Loving Elvis has to be removed as ineffective.

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