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Cabello: Some priests don't like that José Gregorio is a saint

Cabello stated that JGH "does not need much confirmation, since the people have already assumed him as such, the Saint of the people."

The first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, stated this Wednesday in his program with Mazo Dando edition 479 that, “some” in the Episcopal Conference of Venezuela do not like that Dr. José Gregorio Hernández is a saint.

“Some of the Conference do not like that José Gregorio is a saint, but well that is an old story (…) He is the saint of the people, he does not need much confirmation, since the people have already assumed him as such, especially the humble people,” Cabello said.

The representative of the red awning highlighted that the fervor of the humble people towards José Gregorio is innate and sublime "people who previously did not have the means to pay for medicine, asked José G Hernández", while remembering when he was in poor health Because of the coronavirus, President Maduro sent him a statuette of the doctor “and I put it in and it is still there next to me,” he stressed.

Church knows nothing about that

The president of the Episcopal Conference of Venezuela, Jesús González de Zárate, in an interview for a private radio station, assured that "they do not have a precise date on when the Dicastery of Saints will approve the second miracle that allows the canonization" of the well-known doctor of the poor.

“We had an audience, as has been seen through the social media, last Monday with Pope Francis, with him - evidently - among the other issues of the national and ecclesial reality, we talked about the process that is carried out for the canonization of Dr. José Gregorio Hernández, but there is no precise news on this issue,” he said from the Vatican, where he is with the rest of the Conference board.

In this sense, he added that “the canonization as such has not been signed, the pope is in charge, he is close and knows the process well. But we have no information about whether canonization is determined as such, we were not informed that this step has been reached, it is in the process.”

Pope Francis confirmed canonization

From Isnotú, the small town in Trujillo where Dr. Hernández was born, President Maduro showed a small group the video where the Supreme Pontiff confirmed from San Pedro Square that he signed the canonization of the Blessed.

Maduro, who visited this Andean state to receive the support of the people on his path to presidential re-election, sent for his cell phone and summoned everyone present to watch a video. It was Pope Francis talking with a Venezuelan priest in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican. “In Venezuela there is a mature people,” commented the Supreme Pontiff, who stated in that brief interaction who had already signed the canonization of José Gregorio Hernández.

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