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Cabello asks the AN to investigate Orlando Figuera's crime

The Domestic Policy Commission will thoroughly investigate the facts of the murder

Deputy Diosdado Cabello requested this Tuesday from the National Assembly “an investigation of the crime against Orlando Figuera” and demanded that the material and intellectual authors of the young man's murder, an event that occurred seven years ago, be punished.

In this way, the plenary session of parliament approved an agreement which contemplates that the Internal Policy commission must investigate such events in depth.

Deputy Diosdado Cabello, who made the proposal, highlighted that this event is one of the most painful events that occurred in the country and that at no time did the opposition speak out about it, going so far as to include the victim in the lists, to pretend that he had been murdered by the State.

Orlando Figueroa was burned alive at the age of 21 by a group of fascist sympathizers of the Venezuelan extreme right in May 2017, during the guarimbas to destabilize Venezuelan institutions.

Cabello recalled that the 21-year-old young man, after leaving work, decided to pass through the vicinity of the Chacao municipality, where radical sectors of the opposition were demonstrating, without taking into account the roots "of deep contempt that these opposition sectors have against the people." humble,” he stressed.

"He decided to continue and his physical features of being black, having chicha, coiled hair, being humble, was the trigger or the cause for those opposition sectors to surround him to attack him, spray him with fuel and then set him on fire," he highlighted. .

He highlighted that the material authors of the murder of Orlando Figuera are those “líderes” of the right that took young people and children to the streets to carry out terrorist actions.

The parliamentarian emphasized that not a single sector of the Venezuelan opposition condemned these events. “It is very sad that we become accustomed to these types of events, that we believe that it is normal to murder our adversaries and set them on fire, something extremely painful for a country.”

Likewise, Cabello said that after the events “we rebuked that lady who was a Prosecutor and she said that she could not act because those videos were manipulated, that was recorded by people on the street. What manipulation was there? It is clearly seen what they do, there is no assembly of any kind. That speaks of the complicity of that lady with those who ordered the violence in Venezuela. “She should also be investigated for denying justice to that young man's mother.”

He stressed that he was murdered out of fascist and racist hatred, indicating that those who carried out the murder used violence and then said that they are persecuted.

He added that similar situations were committed in the states of Táchira and Lara, with the purpose of terrorizing the adversaries.

He indicated that one of the authors is “protected” in Spain, saying that he is a politically persecuted person. "We all know who the masterminds are, those who stood on the corners saying that tomorrow you're leaving, those who called young people, children that they even took to the street."

Rodríguez: demand a response from the countries that protect those responsible

For his part, the president of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez, after the words of Deputy Cabello, explained the need to demand that the countries that are currently protecting the criminals who committed such a horrendous crime "should respect international treaties regarding punishment for horrendous crimes, such as this homicide.

“It is necessary to address the need for a fascist, for a racist, for a sociopath who dares to spray fuel and murder a citizen, a human being, who is not happy in Spain or Italy, enjoying the joys of a supposed exile, which is nothing other than the cover-up of a murderer, a murderer,” he stated.

He stressed that Venezuela is very jealous when crimes are committed in other countries and the perpetrators try to go and take refuge in the country.

“There are numerous examples where we collaborate with other countries (…) we demand reciprocity in that sense (…) it is necessary that explanations be requested from those countries where these criminals could be being protected,” said Rodríguez.

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