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Cabello: Imperialism is campaigning through networks with fake pollsters

Diosdado Cabello assured that the right-wing candidate, Edmundo González, has his hands stained with the blood of the religious murdered in El Salvador in the 80s.

The first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, called on all revolutionary militancy to remain alert in the trenches of struggle on social networks to defeat the lies that from the opposition and imperialism They are launched against our country.

During his participation in a mobilization held this Wednesday in San Fernando de Apure in rejection of the sanctions and in support of President Nicolás Maduro, he stated that through social networks they are trying to impose surveys that do not exist in which it is given as winner of the “surname candidate”.

“They are deployed on the networks, in the major international media, doing a campaign through pollsters that exist for us. They are the same ones who said that Frijolito (Henrique Salas Römer) beat Chávez, that (Manuel) Rosales beat Chávez, that (Henrique) Capriles beat Chávez and Nicolás, and the most recent ones that Henry Falcón beat Nicolás and that they won the governorships; “They are recurring lies,” he said.

Given this circumstance, he urged the revolutionary militancy to try to reach all sectors of the population and instructed each PSUV patrol member to include in their 1×10 at least 3 people who are not militants.

“We have to go further. The right now wants to convince that they never asked for sanctions, that they have not been behind the blockade, to tell the world that they know nothing about invasions, that they have just arrived in Venezuela," he said while reiterating the importance of unmasking the right. facing the presidential elections of 28-J.

Likewise, he assured that on July 28, the Venezuelan people will give the Supreme Commander, Hugo Chávez, a great revolutionary victory that will lead to the re-election of President Nicolás Maduro.

Perverse candidate

On the other hand, Cabello recalled that the right-wing candidate, Edmundo González, had his hands stained with the blood of the religious who were murdered in El Salvador during the 80s, with the support of our embassy in our country.

“Now the opposition does not want to sell them like a poor old man, but that man is a pervert. We are all going to grow old but never with the evil, the perversion, of that man who is part of a perverse plan to continue harming our people," Cabello highlighted while ensuring that González is "a puppet without personality and criterion".

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