Cabellor: Anyone who calls an invasion will be treated as an enemy

The leader assured that the US is behind these actions against the country / Photo: Con el Mazo Dando

The head of the fraction of the Bloque de la Patria in the National Assembly (AN), Deputy Diosdado Cabello questioned the spokesmen of the Venezuelan opposition who celebrated the attacks by Colombian armed irregular groups that caused the death of eight soldiers of the Force Bolivarian National Navy (Fanb).

“They celebrate and applaud when these terrorists murder a Venezuelan. Well, I'm going to repeat it to you; Anyone who is called to an invasion, if it occurs, will be treated as an enemy ”, warned the leader during the broadcast of his program Con el Mazo Dando.

The parliamentarian ratified his support for the operations of the Fanb in the harsh territory and emphasized that Venezuela will defend its sovereignty against any group that tries to settle in the national territory.

“The territory of Venezuela is sacred, it is impregnable. No one who claims to be a friend of Venezuela has the right to use this territory to commit criminal acts. Venezuela has historically been defending its territory with the Fanb as it should, as they do all over the world, except the Colombian Armed Forces because they are accomplices, to the point that the rear of these groups is the Colombian territory because they are protected there, "he said. .

He dismissed the complaints that point to the alleged presence of guerrilla groups in Venezuela and emphasized that Venezuelan sovereignty will be respected against any armed element "whatever its name".

“If they want to fight the Colombian oligarchy and the imperialism that maintains that oligarchy that they fight there in Colombia, but not in Venezuela, because it is striking that there is no talk of attacks against the Government of Colombia, and that is because it is a collusion”, he assured.

He denounced that these irregular groups have the objective of installing drug and mining corridors in Venezuela. "Our territory is respected and it is going to be respected," he declared.

He did not hesitate to point out the responsibility of the United States in these attacks. "Behind all these plans and manipulations is US imperialism," he said.



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