Guaidó is positive for covid-19

Photo: Reference

The opponent Juan Guaidó, through his Twitter account, reported having tested positive for covid-19, which is why he is isolated in treatment. In the message he did not give details of where he could have been infected.

"I want to responsibly inform the country that, after four days of quarantine as a result of some discomforts and despite having taken precautions, I have tested positive for Covid-19," the message says.

«I must say that my symptoms are mild, I am already in isolation and following medical indications to be able to recover and fulfill my duty. After knowing the results, I have informed all the people with whom I was in contact, "he said in another message.

Despite the global crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic, Juan Guaidó was calling on the Venezuelan population to mobilize on January 5 to boycott the installation of the National Assembly, without taking into account the risks of increasing infections due to the crisis of covid-19.

“I invite Venezuelans not to get the regime's vaccine. Let Maduro be the first to put it on. I tell all citizens not to do it, "the self-proclaimed self-proclaimed live broadcast on his Instagram account exhorted a few months ago in response to the actions undertaken by the Venezuelan Government to have access to vaccines from Russia, China and Cuba, to once certified, distribute them free of charge to the population.



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