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GPP prepares massive closing of the Arreaza campaign in Barinas

The Great Patriotic Pole summoned all its militancy, in the state of Barinas to accompany Jorge Arreaza, the candidate of the revolutionary forces to the government of the entity at the end of the campaign.

The command of the Psuv and the GPP "Aristóbulo Istúriz" organizes a massive concentration, scheduled for this Thursday at 3:00 pm, in the wide street of the La Cinqueña sector, El Carmen parish of the city of Barinas.

Complying with the regulations of the National Electoral Council, this Thursday, the candidates who are vying for the position of governor in the entity culminate the electoral campaign activities for the elections to be held on Sunday, January 9.

This Wednesday Arreaza toured various sectors with the "Caravan of Hope." He was accompanied by motorists, oil workers, members of the social fronts, students who expressed their support for the elections.

He stated that he will become the governor of all Barinese and will work to make the entity the most productive in the national territory.

He stressed that his government plan is made with the proposals that he collected in his visits to the different municipalities and promised to unify the revolutionary forces and work with the different sectors to specify the projects that improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the state.