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Government guarantees university places for 339.145 high school graduates

“The time of high school students without a place is over,” said Maduro, remembering the old educational system recovered by the Revolution.

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro announced that the Bolivarian Government has guaranteed university places for 339.145 students. “Attention Bachelors! Every young person who graduates has a guaranteed university place,” said the head of state during the broadcast of his weekly program Con Maduro+, edition 47.

He also reported that graduation is expected for the same number of students "as high school graduates of the Republic, since Venezuela has the guarantees for youth to develop their capabilities."

Maduro stressed that there are more than 279 National Training Programs (PNF) articulated with the reality of the country, deployed with the 18 Development Engines throughout the national territory.

National Income System renewed

A new aspect in the National Income System (SNI), renewed and rescued by President Hugo Chávez, is that in previous years the young and recent high school graduate was not asked where in the country he wanted to attend his university studies? , and if in that aspect he was sure about migrating to another city.

The national government seeks to efficiently direct economic policy in accordance with the plans and requirements for national development; All these signs in the diversification and production of the country's internal wealth.

The Minister for University Education, Sandra Oblitas, in this sense, pointed out that one of the opportunities for students to decide on which career to study is to consult through the website: http://LOEU.opsu.gob.ve

Bachelor's degrees with QR

In this new Venezuelan Educational System, high school graduates will also have an electronic degree, that is, each document will come with a QR that will allow the student to scan the code embedded in it, a relevant aspect that ensures that they have this at all times. such an important requirement for the professional continuity of young people.

School Fairs

It should be noted that high school graduates will have the opportunity at the School Fairs - to be held from June 1 to 30 - to learn about the academic offerings available in the SNI.

In this sense, the Government specified that 97 universities will be available to receive high school graduates who graduate this school year and will provide opportunities to project the national productive apparatus for the coming years.

The young high school graduate and president of the Venezuelan Federation of Secondary Education Students (FEVEEM), Michell Delgado, expressed that thanks to the Bolivarian Government “students have the opportunity to receive a free, quality education, where the high school graduate who graduates can access a place at the University, through SNI.

“With sanctions, blockades and attacks, Venezuelan public education was maintained at all levels and university access was maintained at almost 100%,” concluded the head of state.

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