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Godfather: on June 28 the army will take to the streets to protect the people

The Minister of Defense urged Venezuelans to continue working in the brave and anti-imperialist homeland

On July 28, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces will be deployed throughout the country to, in perfect civil-military union, guarantee that the presidential elections take place in absolute peace, assured the Minister of Defense, G/J Vladimir Padrino López.

"On July 28, this splendid army will take to the streets, in one hand the rifle to protect order and in the other hand our strength, our civic duty, our right to exercise the vote, because we are also citizens," said the senior military officer during the laying of a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, in Commemoration of the 203rd Anniversary of the Battle of Carabobo and Bolivarian Army Day.

The sectoral vice president for Political Sovereignty, Security and Peace urged Venezuelans not to return to colonialism, but to continue working in the “courageous and anti-imperialist homeland.” 

Likewise, the senior military officer assured that in the elections, Venezuelans will have the opportunity to decide if they want to return to pro-imperialist surrenderist policies or continue walking the path of “the insurgent, brave, courageous, Bolivarian, ati-imperialist Homeland.”

“We will be clearing up that dilemma on July 28 so that this artificial war that has been instilled in us ends, they have invaded our country,” he emphasized.

Likewise, he emphasized that the Venezuelan soldiers have in their hearts the flame of anti-imperialism, of anti-colonialism, which is why the Venezuelan oligarchy has not achieved its objective of “bringing” our military institution to its knees.

Padrino said that they have wanted to see the armed force divided, demoralized, on its knees, but if anyone knows and is aware of this, it is the Venezuelan soldier," he said, commenting that the country has had to endure betrayals and surrender, however, Venezuela remains firm, sovereign, optimistic, with hope.

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