Padrino López: "we defeated the empire, we defeated cowardice"

The Minister of Popular Power for Defense, Vladimir Padrino López, participated as a special speaker in the ceremony of reception of the Bicentennial Libertarian Torch in the state of La Guaira, precisely when one year of the rejection of the armed incursion in Macuto, known as Operation Gideon.

“I invite you to take this celebration, this national euphoria, not only to remember history, something more is needed. It is necessary to remember Carabobo with weapons, with what we have at hand, ”said the General in Chief.

He called on the current generations to assume with pride that in the present we are still heroes of the country. "Certainly we live on the glories of our father Bolívar and of all our liberators and it is also necessary that these generations who live in the present, build our own glories," he said in relation to the resistance of the people.

He stressed the importance of receiving the libertarian flame on the same day that the rejection of the armed incursion orchestrated by imperialism with its "largest theater of operations, which is Colombia" was made.

“We conquered evil, we conquered cowardice. We defeated them with the action of the people and the FANB, together with the intelligence organs of the State, at a high level of coordination, ”assured Padrino López.

He celebrated the anti-imperialist Day of La Guaira, as a victory against stateless persons who signed a contract against the Venezuelan people. "Beyond the military analysis that can be done, we defeated the empire, with a nationalistic sense, with the spirit of our father Bolívar and our Commander Chávez," he said.



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