Fanb mourned the death of Colombian soldiers

The Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Fanb) expressed its solidarity with the people of Colombia and condemned the violent acts that took place over the weekend where five soldiers of the New Granada army were killed after an attack with explosives and rifle bursts in a mountainous area. 

"We wish for peace in Colombia and the cessation of violence that for decades has affected neighboring countries so much, claiming the innocent," said the Fanb through its Twitter account. 

After these events, the Minister for Defense, Vladimir Padrino López, repudiated the statements of the President of Colombia, Iván Duque, who assured that the attack in which the five soldiers perished was planned from Venezuela among the dissidents of the Farc and the ELN. 

Given this, he said that Duque's move was predictable and could not miss the false positive scenario against the Venezuelan government that seeks to boycott the dialogue table in Mexico. 

This statement was joined by the sectoral vice president for Communication, Tourism and Culture, Freddy Ñáñez, who assured that Iván Duque is “the government that broke the peace and revived the war. The one who persecutes and disappears social leaders and extinguishes the protests with lead ”.

Ñáñez in his message added that Duque's maneuver to incriminate Venezuela is "another old false positive" since the mafia that governs Colombia only works to export the war and expand drug trafficking in the region. 

Foreign Minister Félix Plasencia rejected Iván Duque's unfounded false accusations, and argued that Colombia has become the factory of mercenaries and the cradle of violence, from where the Venezuelan people are threatened.



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