Evo Morales: The empire has failed in its fight against the left

The former president of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Evo Morales participated in a keynote address of the Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples of the World, where he presented the topic "Coups in Latin America, Impunity and Institutional Fragility of the Nation State and the International System."

During his speech, Morales stressed that there was a moment in Latin American political history where being a militant of leftist movements was considered a "sin," AVN reviews.

He also affirmed that social movements continue to grow on the continent and around the world, while highlighting that the fight against leftist ideals by the elites has failed.

"Social movements continue to grow not only in Latin America, but also throughout the world, socialists, anti-imperialists," he stressed.

He also explained how the trade union movements were incorporated into politics to fight for social demands in their nation when there was a time in Bolivia where they were not allowed to get involved in these state activities.

He also stressed the failure of the imperial governments in the fight against left-wing movements, as well as in the fields of drug trafficking and organized crime. Finally, he reflected that the maximum political instrument is found in the town itself, of the social forces, and that social demands do not solve the problems of the people, but rather a change to neoliberal structural policies is accompanied.



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