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Diosdado Cabello: coup against Pedro Castillo was orchestrated by the US

He warned that what happened in Peru is the US offensive against the advance of the left in the region

The first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, affirmed that the removal of Pedro Castillo as president of Peru by the congress is a "coup d'états carried out by the United States."

"A coup d'état more organized by the US is consummated," he said, noting that the dismissal of Pedro Castillo, whom he accused of "betraying his people," is part of the offensive promoted by the White House in the face of the advance of governments of left in the region.

“It is the offensive of the United States against the advance of the left on the Continent, it is the legal offensive. Now, do not think that this is new, no, it was the same thing they used against Correa, against Lula, against Cristina, against Evo, it is using the Law with tricks and lies because they cannot because of the votes”, he denounced.

The warmth takes its toll

He questioned the attitude assumed by the now ex-president of Peru, whom he described as "lukewarm."

“They accused that man of being from the left, and I say they accused him because that man denied being from the left and tried to agree with the right and it happened to him like everyone who arrives with the popular vote and turns his back on the people; They are going to knock it down as it happened there, ”he explained.

He recalled that among the attempts made by Pedro Castillo to reach an agreement with sectors of the continental right was the invitation to Secretary General Luis Almagro, who has been accused of being the main architect of the coup in Bolivia against then President Evo Morales.

"Tepidity in politics does not give results," he maintained and criticized the position taken by Peruvian Vice President Dina Boluarte, whom he accused of betraying Castillo by assuming the presidency from the hands of congress, whom he called a "coup plotter."

"Being president in Peru is not enough to be happy, ma'am, because since 2016 there have been six presidents, so it is not enough to be happy that the gringos have put it there because just as they put it, they take it away," he warned.

Criticism of the Argentine government

During his program Con el Mazo Dando, Cabello rejected the sentence handed down by the Argentine "judicial mafia" against Vice President Cristina Fernández, while objecting to the "lukewarmness" of the members of the government of the southern nation led by President Alberto Fernández .

“The lukewarm end up entangled in their own warmth, 'I'm with you Cristina'? I can say that here, but there I was on the street with the people, ”she said.

The PSUV leader drew attention to what he considers the passive attitude of these governments. "They feel the ivy that is suffocating them and they stay calm," he said, and about former president Pedro Castillo he concluded by pointing out that "now he is in prison, they caught him sitting there like a bag and he was not able to defend or defend the people who He voted for him, but not now as he intended, but since he came to power.

 Opponents must comply

Regarding the internal political situation, Cabello referred to the agreement signed with the opposition sector united in the so-called Unitary Platform (PU) and reiterated that they are waiting for compliance with what was agreed in Mexico.

"They have to comply because now they have to make those 3.000 million appear, we trust that this is the case because we are making a gentleman's agreement," he said and noted that progress will depend on the completion of what was signed.


  1. This is Diosdado, warmth takes its toll and helps the enemy achieve their goal for a while at least until the people take the reins

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