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Delcy Rodríguez: Victory is written, but we must fight for it

The vice president of the Republic urged the people of Tucupita to form "a steel shield" to defend the territory against foreign claims

Bolívar Square in Tucupita overflowed this Friday in the seventh street mobilization of the month in support of President Nicolás Maduro's project and the resistance of Venezuelans against the economic sanctions of the United States government.

From the Delta Amacuro state, the executive vice president of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez specified that the victory of next July 28 "is written but we must fight for it and prepare," while saying that the 1 X10 machinery must be checked, to give it a “rolling around the pataruco.”

“Victory has already been marked and we cannot fall asleep, we are facing those truncheons who, wherever they appear, must be beaten, wherever they appear, we will crush them,” he exclaimed in front of the town of Tucupita.

The mobilization included the visit of the Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, the Executive Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez and the Minister of Indigenous Peoples and Communities, Clara Vidal.

Rodríguez also highlighted the importance of participating next Sunday in the 1×10 check drill.

Attendees shouted slogans in favor of the policies of President Nicolás Maduro's government and its initiatives to confront economic sanctions against the country.

Rodríguez indicated that the President of the Republic, candidate of the revolution, has demonstrated at all times that he is a good man, who has guaranteed health to the people in times like the pandemic, as well as in difficult circumstances he has provided protection.

In addition, he added that "they are preparing because they are defeated" and reported that a United States betting house gave a wide advantage to Maduro with 82%, "they already know what is going to happen, to claim fraud, today They are desperate to see what they are going to do (…) we have our gallo pinto.”

Rodríguez recalled that throughout history, the English have always been interested in appropriating the Delta Amacuro state, an area that has the greatest mineral, agricultural and economic resources. “The plans of the government of Guyana, of Exxon Mobil, are to take over the Delta,” he warned.

For the vice president, the “certainty of the prosperous future for Venezuela is Delta Amacuro, it is in the great potential of oil and gas” and added that “they waited for the death of our father Simón Bolívar, to come with the English empire to steal from our country. territory, but the territory of Delta Amacuro has always been in their calculations and today, in the 21st century, it is still in their calculations to steal this territory. We cannot allow it.”

He emphasized that the victory on July 28 must be overwhelming, “let them know that the blood of the liberators runs through our veins.”

“It is up to you brothers of the Delta to form a powerful dark steel in the defense of Venezuela,” he indicated.

He recalled that the candidate of the revolution has been tested in millions of battles and all the difficulties and circumstances, defeating them.

“In the merciless economic war, President Maduro with his people took the lead,” he said.

The streets belong to the town

The governor of Delta Amacuro, Lizeta Hernández, assured during the mobilization that the streets "belong to the people and not the oligarchy of last names," so the work of the State continues to be in the streets.

Hernández reiterated that in the face of the hostile context of powerful countries against Venezuela, the national government continues with social care policies, which will be maintained for the next six years.

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