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Delcy Rodríguez: the gringo candidate will be defeated on June 28

During the day of signing booklets to demand the lifting of sanctions, the vice president indicated that the people are fighting a battle for the material wealth and for the history of Venezuela

The Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, assured this Thursday that the gringo candidate will be defeated on July 28.

This was stated during the day of signing booklets to demand the lifting of the sanctions against the country and respect for the sovereignty and self-determination of Venezuela, which took place at the facilities of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Foreign Trade, in Caracas.

“The repudiation is collective to those who have asked for more sanctions,” said Rodríguez, reiterating “we will never support the United States coming to govern Venezuela, as it tried to do in May 2020, with the mercenary incursion. "Neither them nor their candidate."

“The Venezuelan people will never allow themselves to be given orders from another country, the people know that the decision lies in popular sovereignty,” he said.

He referred to the direct mandate between the United States Government and the complicity of extremists to harm the people of Venezuela.

He stressed that the United States wants Venezuelan oil. “They want to steal it, not have to pay anything, and for that they need a surrendering political class.”

However, -he said- the United States did not count, in its equation of theft and dispossession, with the spirituality of the Venezuelan people.

“They (the US) have not understood that we are fighting a battle for our material wealth, yes, but we are also fighting a battle for our history.”

That is why, he said, the people support the President Nicolás Maduro, because he has fought the battle without help. Little by little but defending our dignity.”

“What we are doing today with the workers is a reaffirmation, demanding the lifting of the blockade. “That is not a gift, it is a right of Venezuelans,” he insisted.

The vice president recalled that 20 years ago Chávez decreed the anti-imperialist nature of Venezuela. “This is an anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist country.”

Since the month of April, several state institutions, signature days of workers against sanctions.

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