Delcy Rodríguez: capitalism has driven inequality in Latin America

The Executive Vice President of the Republic Delcy Rodríguez, participated this Friday in the teacher training course "Latin America at the crossroads", where she assured that Latin America has shown that the political impact has had consequences for people's lives.

He showed the map of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) where he showed that the concentration of wealth is found in the richest countries.

He assured that inequality in the region increased with the arrival of right-wing governments that "became pamphleteers of United States policy, which is a model whose sole objective is the generation of wealth and its endogenous growth in a wild way." said.

Venezuela as a center of dispute

In the case of Venezuela, he recalled that since 2013 the country has suffered an unprecedented aggression, "we have not been able to access any credit, the artifices of world financial policy were combined and the income in foreign currency fell by 99%," he said at the same time. which ensured that the country became the center of the dispute between the Monroe model and Bolivarianism.

“Latin America has been able to show how the political impact has had consequences in the lives of the peoples. Between 1990 and 2000, the growth rate of world GDP has been 13.9%. While in Latin America it has been 14,2%, then we come to the decade called retrograde won, won over neoliberalism, which was the historical conjunction of progressive governments, nationalist governments, of the left ».

I highlight the importance of setting an example in the face of the imperialist attack, «we have in Latin America how to set an example supported, I wanted to show the numbers, what the multidimensional crisis has been, of the civilizational model imposed through capitalism, the need for change of that model, "he said.

Finally, he stressed that the lesson for Latin America is unity, "we have no other option and we saw it with the Bolivian coup in 2019, we have to maintain the focus of inclusion," he recalled.

It must be the channeling of politics in Venezuela, to end that chapter of the fictitious creation of parallel governments, to strip Venezuela of its resources, to destabilize the country, to attempt coups d'état.

The vice president thanked the government of Mexico for hosting this dialogue from Venezuela. "We are very happy to be able to be there for the Venezuelan people, that all economic, political and social guarantees are fully restored," he stressed.

He recalled that Venezuela continues to seek ways to defend itself from the threats that have affected the people, which is why a set of petitions was brought to the table in the negotiations that began this Friday in Mexico.

He affirmed that the Dialogue Table is favorable for the country, since it will be able to unite criteria regarding the vicissitudes suffered by both the Venezuelan people and the Venezuelan State.



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