Copei recognizes its participation in the electoral schedule and audits

The national secretary of the Christian social party Copei, Juan Carlos Alvarado, acknowledged that they continue to develop the electoral schedule that has been specified in 51%, which means that they remain active in all areas of the audits with a view to the elections of the November 21".

The assertion was made during a press conference offered every Monday from its headquarters in Caracas, 

Alvarado stressed that “last Thursday the country was able to learn about the proposal related to the issue of the 23 candidacies for the different governorates, which means that we have been working together to begin tours of the country and thus present it on behalf of the Alliance Democratic to each of the applicants ”, according to the state channel.

The green leader assured that “we were able to have the opportunity to publicize Plan 150 in four states of the country, specifically in Guárico, Portuguesa, Cojedes and Aragua, where we present our candidates and place our structure at the service, not only in the area partisan politician, but we also activated the vote defense network, issuing instructions to form the representatives and those responsible in each of the voting centers and polling stations for November 21 ”.

He also pointed out that they have been developing this week they will know the final table and center table of the entire country and, under this scheme, they will present those responsible for the defense networks of the Christian democracy throughout Venezuela.

Asked about the return to the classrooms, he specified that the National Government must have a system that takes into consideration all the teaching personnel of our Venezuela, and the newly appointed minister, Yelitze Santaella, I tell him that he has a great opportunity to initiate a good work scheme related to educational establishments so that they previously recover the facilities ”.



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