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Conflict between Russia and Ukraine was analyzed in a Venezuelan digital forum

The activity was framed in recent events between these two nations

This Tuesday the Bolivarian Congress of the Peoples and the Simón Bolívar Institute for Peace and Solidarity between the Peoples developed the digital forum "What is happening between Russia and Ukraine?", framed in the events that have recently arisen between these two nations with the aim of bringing the truth and the reason for the conflict.

The forum was attended by the Russian ambassador, Sergei Mélik-Bagdasárov, and his counterpart Carlos Faría, who represents the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the Russian Federation, the internationalist Basem Tajeldine, the deputy minister for North America and president of the Institute Simón Bolívar, Carlos Ron, and the moderation of Andreina Tarazón, executive secretary of the International Chapter of the Bicentennial Congress of Peoples.

The forum began with a presentation by Sergei Mélik-Bagdasárov, who detailed how this conflict has a historical burden, an important link being the fact that after the Second World War, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was created. ), which promised not to spread in the territory towards Eastern Europe, however, five waves of expansion have already been registered.

The Russian ambassador stressed that this expansion of NATO is already on Russian borders, explaining that the situation "has an offensive character to my country, which we can no longer bear."

For his part, the Venezuelan ambassador to the Russian Federation, Carlos Faría, gave all his support to this sister and strategic nation for Venezuela, which is being hit with a wave of disinformation regarding these 20 days of military operation, which Russia was forced to execute, resulting in an avalanche of sanctions linked to trade and private companies.

Likewise, he emphasized the statements of President Nicolás Maduro, where he ratifies his support for Russia unconditionally, since Venezuela, also in full sanctions and blockades, has received support from this nation.

Faría explained that according to statistics, Russia is positioned in the ranking with 6.500 sanctions, followed by the Islamic Republic of Iran, Syria and Venezuela, countries that suffer from unilateral coercive measures imposed by the United States. However, he stressed that this country has financial muscle, which will allow it to get out of the sanctions war it is experiencing.

At the forum, the internationalist Basem Tajeldine commented that Europe is highly dependent on Russia, especially in the energy field, raw materials for the production of technological equipment, in addition to serials. He emphasized that the conflict zone with Ukraine is a global producer of wheat, so this event may cause a shortage of this carbohydrate.

Basem explained that Russia, one of the top 10 economies in the world, is the first enemy of the United States, which intends to hit China through Russia to prevent the development of the Silk Road to take China to what it was before, a great machine with an economy dependent on the United States.

Finally, the vice minister for North America and president of the Simón Bolívar Institute, Carlos Ron, concluded that we must raise our voices for a true peace, which is built with respect between countries, international law and respecting the sovereignty of nations. .