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CNE repudiates the EU statement and demands an end to the siege against Venezuela

President of the CNE, Elvis Amoroso, reported that the electoral simulation will be held on June 30

The president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Elvis Amoroso, spoke at a press conference this Wednesday to condemn the recent statement from the European Union, after learning of the decision of the Venezuelan Electoral Power to revoke the invitation made to him to participate as an observer of the presidential elections from next July 28.

In this sense, Amoroso read a statement from the Electoral Power, which states that the European Union issued considerations that are the exclusive responsibility of Venezuelans, which becomes "a new interventionist act that seeks to interfere in the decisions of the Venezuelan National Electoral Council."

The Electoral Power document highlights that the sovereign decision to revoke the invitation to the European Union is due "to the hostile and disrespectful attitude of this bloc against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela."

In this regard, it highlights that "the European Union has behaved as a biased and aggressive actor, which infringes national dignity and additionally becomes a factor of disruption to electoral processes, maintaining the illegal and illegitimate application of coercive, unilateral measures." and genocidal, with the sole objective of causing harm to the Venezuelan population.”

For this reason, it points out that as long as the European Union does not lift all of the coercive, unilateral and genocidal sanctions imposed against the people of Venezuela, its presence in any electoral process held in the country will not be welcome.

“We demand that their hostility, neocolonial practices, siege and interventionism that they exercise in the internal affairs of Venezuela cease,” the text states.

The CNE reiterated that the presidential election will have an oversight and accompaniment program in which dozens of international organizations will participate, as well as more than 250 personalities.


At the end of reading the statement, the president of the CNE reported that on June 30, the simulation of the presidential elections on July 28 will be held.

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