CNE receives requests for the constitution of Organizations with Political Purposes

The Preliminary Commission of the Electoral Nominations Committee declared itself in permanent session

In order to promote the political participation of citizens, the National Electoral Council (CNE) receives applications for provisional names for the constitution of Organizations with Political Purposes (OFP), a statement from the institution.

Those interested and interested in establishing an OFP of national or regional scope can go to the Correspondence Directorate of the main headquarters of the Electoral Power in Plaza Caracas or to the Regional Electoral Offices located in each of the federal entities of the country during the hours included 9 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon.

It is important that citizens complete their application using the corresponding Provisional Denomination Request form, which appears published on the website of the electoral body (, at the National Office for Political Participation and at the Regional Electoral Offices of federal entities.

In this way, the CNE guarantees political participation, in accordance with the provisions of the Sole Paragraph of Article 5 of the Partial Regulation of the Law on Political Parties, Public Meetings and Demonstrations, Relating to the Constitution, Activity, Cancellation and other Registrable Acts of Organizations with Political Purposes.

Finally, the electoral body will promptly inform about the cut-off date of the period of receipt of requests for provisional denomination.



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