CNE agrees to joint regional and municipal elections in the country

The president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Pedro Calzadilla, reported this Tuesday that joint regional and municipal elections will be held in the country where 23 Governors, 335 Mayors, as well as legislators and councilors to the Municipal Council and Legislative Council will be elected.

"We have met in an extraordinary session to start the activities destined to advance the next electoral process (...) Once its technical feasibility is known, we have agreed to hold joint regional and municipal elections," reported Calzadilla.

Calzadilla explained that the different audits of the entire voting system will also be carried out. "A comprehensive audit of the Electoral Registry, a comprehensive audit of the Automated Voting System including the Biometric Authentication System," explained the president of the electoral body.

Likewise, the highest representative of the Electoral Power said that a special day of registration and updating in the national registry will be opened.

Calzadilla pointed out that in order to give the greatest guarantee and a greater participation of organizations with political ends and of all political actors, it was agreed:

  • Streamline the processes of registration and renewal of payroll of all organizations with political purposes.
  • Review the status of disqualifications "understanding that these decisions depend on the consent of other State institutions."
  • Guarantee the broadest international oversight program, "so once this electoral process is called, we will issue invitations in order to guarantee the greatest possible presence."

In this sense, the CNE declares itself in permanent session to display the electoral schedule. “We declare ourselves in permanent session given the different challenges to unfold the electoral schedule. In the next few days the date on which the Venezuelan people will exercise their right to vote will be announced, "said Calzadilla.

Finally, the president of the CNE, Pedro Calzadilla reported that in the next few days he will announce the agreed date for this electoral process. "For the Venezuelan people to come back to exercise their right to vote and their sovereignty (...) The National Electoral Board is also asked to present a proposal for an electoral schedule."



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