Ceofanb reiterates immediate response to threats from Colombia

The Strategic Operational Commander of the FANB, Remigio Ceballos, reiterated that it is activated and in immediate response to the attacks perpetrated from Colombia in the Apure state.

The representative of the Strategic Operational Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Force (Ceofanb), assured that the nation's troops will continue to be deployed in order to protect the population.

Through his account on the social network Twitter, @ Libertad020, he expressed: “Under the unison command of our CJ @NicolasMaduro, #CEOFANB deploy Rapid Action Troops #FANB in the Edo Apure, for the permanent combat against the Irregular Armed Terrorist Drug Trafficking Groups from Colombia ”.

He assured that in the last hours the marines were deployed in Apure. “Raising the foot of force to COMBAT, chase, expel and capture all Colombian armed irregular groups, terrorist drug traffickers and paramilitaries. We will not rest to bring La Paz and guarantee the total protection of the Venezuelan People! #ApureEsOur“, Refers the post of the Ceofanb on Twitter.

This Tuesday, the Minister for Defense, Vladimir Padrino López, reported on the creation of the Special Comprehensive Defense Operational Zone for attention in matters of security and territorial defense of the municipalities Páez, Muñoz and Rómulo Gallegos of the Apure state.

He assured that these actions are aimed at guaranteeing the peace and territorial integrity of Venezuela, to which he warned "it is an imperial plan to balkanize the country."



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