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Bloc of the homeland adjusts parliamentary agenda

The adaptation will be framed within the 3R.NETS

The Bloc of the Homeland of the National Assembly held a meeting to evaluate the parliamentary agenda and adapt it to the plan for the new period of transition from socialism, a proposal submitted by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros.

The working meeting was led by the president of the National Assembly, deputy Jorge Rodríguez, who explained in a publication made on his twitter account that the "working meeting with the country's parliamentary bloc is to adapt the legislative agenda to the launch by President Nicolás Maduro of the 3R.NETS”.

Likewise, Deputy Rodríguez stressed during the debate on the adequacy of the legislators' work agenda that "the future will be built by all of us."

As will be remembered, the Head of State requested that all the plans and programs prepared in 2022 be directed to the new times to consolidate the development of the country in all aspects.

“Plan for the development and application of the 3R.Nets (Resistance, Rebirth, Revolution) that the Venezuelan people have had to face. The debate of ideas is necessary for the construction of the country”, said Maduro.

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