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They approve a bill for people with hearing disabilities

The norm seeks the recognition of sign language as a natural system

This Wednesday the Permanent Commission for Comprehensive Social Development of the National Assembly (AN) approved the Project of Law de Comprehensive care to Deaf People and People with Hearing Impairment, with the aim of guaranteeing their care through a legal regime.

The information was released by the president of the Permanent Commission for Integral Social Development, Deputy Rodolfo Crespo (PSUV/Miranda), who pointed out that the proposal was presented by the Subcommittee on Social Protection, System of Missions and Major Missions, through parliamentarian Aníbal René Coltat (PSUV/National), who has a hearing disability.

The bill in principle has 22 articles and a legal provision and its main objective is the full recognition of the Venezuelan deaf community.

language group

Congressman Crespo explained that the proposal seeks to give recognition to the Venezuelan deaf community "as a cultural linguistic group with particular forms of understanding, interpretation and thought, based on a spatial visual gesture language called the Venezuelan Sign Language (LSV)."

He explained that another of the functions of the bill is to "ensure these people their participation, inclusion and integration in their families and communities, as well as in cultural, sports, economic, educational, training and employment, community, political spaces." , recreational and any other, where they develop, allowing the full and free development of their personality without any discrimination, on equal terms and equal opportunities.

Natural system for disability

The rule seeks "the recognition, promotion and dissemination of the Venezuelan Sign Language as a natural system of the deaf community and as the most widely used official language in the country," said Congressman Crespo.

In this regard, the bill will be submitted to the secretariat of the National Assembly (AN), in order to be considered on the agenda of the following sessions for its first discussion.

To become familiar with and learn about this language, Crespo proposed to the commission to organize a first basic training workshop on sign language in which representatives of the National Parliament participate.

This special bill tries to guarantee people with disabilities a productive and rewarding life without excluding them from social or work activities.


  1. Well, because we have a law, but with or without the law, it's the same, we don't have a job, they don't work, because they don't want to get in the way

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