Bernal: the media created a fictitious reality in April 2002

Bernal urged the competent bodies to open an investigation to the Mayor's Office of the San Cristóbal municipality. Photo: archive

Deputy Freddy Bernal recalled this Sunday that the media created, during the April 2002 coup, a fictitious reality, to the point of saying that those who were shooting at the people were the Chavistas.

This was expressed during his speech at the April Rebelde Forum, in which he stressed that the media “wanted to dissociate the minds of millions of human beings, who assumed that we were dictators who wanted to take away their children, that we wanted to take away their rights, that we wanted to expropriate wineries and butchers ”, quoted AVN.

The protector of the state Táchira also mentioned: “From the night of April 10 we began to spontaneously coordinate, to move people from Caracas and other parts of the country, because it was evident that at any moment a coup would be consolidated, for the 11 had already concentrated at least 30 thousand people as the first line of defense of the Bolivarian Revolution ”.

He added: “If we came to the government through popular power, it was the people who had to defend the revolution and that's how it was: the people went to rescue Chávez, it was a beautiful moment in which the degree of mobilization of the people that they glimpsed was achieved. a political change with Commander Hugo Chávez ”.



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