Bernabé Gutiérrez calls on candidates to maintain unity in the face of the elections

Photo: AD Campaign Command

The National Secretary of Democratic Action (AD), Bernabé Gutiérrez, called on the political leadership to have breadth and unity in the face of the elections on November 21.

Through his account on the social network Twitter, he reiterated that the political alliance of the white awning is enlisting with its best candidates for governors and mayors for the upcoming Mega-elections on November 21 of this year.

He added that it is key not to be "subject to diabolical routes of sectors, which still think that by registering and resigning before the elections, they will collapse the Government."

Weeks ago, the AD secretary stated that they are in the process of choosing and selecting candidates with good reputations and young people for the elections. "We are making in all the capitals of states and municipalities the great embrace of the electoral machinery," he stressed.

 For his part, Luis Eduardo Martínez, deputy to the AN (Democratic Action) and vice president of the Commission for Dialogue, Peace and Reconciliation of Parliament, assured in an interview with VTV that calls for abstention from the extreme right are contrary to the democratic culture of the country.

“I have always proclaimed the need to participate and vote. We cannot renounce an element inherent in democracy and in any country in the world, which is the vote, ”he said. 

"Abstention is bad for everyone because the fundamental instrument of influence is to vote," he said, while urging the right to interpret Venezuelans 

He argued that if the sectors of opposition to the government of President Nicolás Maduro are not able to even understand each other, they have nothing to offer to citizens seeking a democratic solution to the crisis that the nation is going through.

He added that neither coups d'état nor foreign interventions, or attempts at insurrection offer a guarantee that Venezuela will move forward. 

He explained that a fundamental element in the political crisis of the Venezuelan right is that there is no unity, and assured that there is no opposition, but several opposition currents that do not dialogue with each other.

It is worth remembering that after the failure of the actions undertaken by the parties of the so-called G4 to overthrow the national government, a dissidence emerged from those same parties that opted for the electoral route and political dialogue



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