Oxygen sent by Venezuela arrived in Brazil

The consul of Venezuela in Boa Vista, Erick Gana, assured that "the Brazilian brothers will always find an ally in Venezuela with the revolutionary government of President Nicolás Maduro, and never an enemy who wants to put them at the service of an empire."

This Monday, the oxygen shipment sent to Manaus, punished by a new wave of covid-19, crossed the binational border between the two countries, where it was received by Brazilian doctors trained in Venezuela.

"In Venezuela they will always have friendship, and if our army ever went out across that border, it would be to help the people, not to oppress them, or to put them at the service of an empire," Gana said.

According to international media, the caravan of trucks loaded with 136.000 liters of oxygen destined for Manaus (Amazonas state, north) is waiting for the green light from the border authorities to continue on its way.

In a contact with VTV, the diplomat reported that the provision of oxygen is still on the way to attend the health contingency in that area of ​​the neighboring country. Gana stressed that Venezuela is proud to bring this solidarity work to the people of Manaus to save lives: “In each Venezuelan the Brazilian people will have a helping hand. We are going to the rescue ”.